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Workforce Hub

Get immediate insights on the performance, planning and capacity across your entire workforce.

Track the performance of your workforce


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Strategic Workforce Management

A preferred Microsoft Power App designed to manage the activities, and work across your entire workforce.

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Helping you manage the entire workforce process

  • Create a resource plan across your workforce for each team
  • Track the availability and demand intake across each team
  • Re-align skills, roles and characteristics
  • Focus on delivering against your capacity
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Key Features

Workforce Planning

Gain an understanding of your entire workforce and existing capacity to execute against your business plan

Resource Planning

Plan and manage resources to work on activities, projects based alignment to the workforce plan

Resource Actuals

Track actual effort against activities and projects gaining insights into variances, and performance targets

Resource Calendars

Manage resource time off, working times and resource calendars setting utilisation and capacity thresholds

Resource Roles

Create resource roles, position titles, and set characteristics and skill levels against each resource

Resource Availability

Manage and track the availability of resources across each team using built in flexible grids

Resource Utilisation

Forecast and plan resource work and track actual work in days, hours, utilisation across months and years

Resource Reporting

Built in dashboards and reports connected to Power BI for increased detailed analytical insights


  • Plan resources against project or activities for improved planning.
  • Gain understanding of capacity versus requested demand.
  • Leverage built in filters and date range slices for instant visibility


  • Book and commit resources against specific projects or activities.
  • Gain insights into the demand across each team’s business unit or portfolio.
  • Approve, scheduled, and or reject requests using preferred resources.


  • View built in heatmaps and grids for immediate insight into your teams availability.
  • Filter by available and role based criteria for improved visibility.
  • Gain insights into the overall performance of your team.


Perform analysis with beautiful rich intuitive Power BI & modern reports. Track resource performance across all your team's capacity, demand and actuals with 100% visibility.


Plans and Pricing


Get in touch with us today to learn more about a free trial, migration options and custom plans.


Resources Named/Generic
Resource Roles/Skills
Resource Calendars
Resource Rate Cards
Resource Approvals
10 Resource Dashboards
10 Resource Power BI Reports
Help Centre Guides and Videos

Flat fee for up to 500 users


All Workforce Hub Ent Features
Innovation Management
Strategy & Investment
Objectives Key Results
Strategic Objectives
Help Centre Guides and Videos
10 Custom Support Days
24 / hr SLA Unlimited Ticketing

Flat fee for up to 2000 users


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