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We know that you probably have some questions so we've listed our top 10 most frequently asked questions

Are you a Microsoft Certified Partner? Yes we are a Microsoft Gold Partner, and certified ISV partner for application development
What services do you offer? We build enterprise grade Microsoft applications ready to integrate and connect to your favourite platforms. We have a series of turn-key products ready to deploy to help accelerate the deployment.
Where is the data for apps installed? All our apps are handed to you as a solution file, ready to import into your Microsoft Data-verse environment, safe and secure
Do you include support for your apps?

Yes - all our products come with support ensuring your ready to scale and support internal teams on the journey

Can you build us a custom app? Of course, we'd love to hear about your challenge, and how we can help solve it with a custom solution
Can you help us with implementation services? We are experienced in the delivery of applications , we know exactly what it takes to get it right. We have experienced project managers, change and adoption teams ready to support you on your journey
Can you integrate to our financial applications? We have a series of connectors ready to integrate to your SAP, TechOne, Oracle Financial platforms
Where are you based? We are an Australian based company, working with customers globally
What development skills do you have? Our team of developers are highly skilled and trained (we build software leveraging .net, javascript, react frameworks)
What design and UX skills do you have?

We have UI and UX designers and developers, who can craft the ultimate beautiful design