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Aligning project work with business goals to empower executives for planning.

Optimise your organisation's workforce to enhance productivity and performance.

Enhance visibility and control performance of procurements, contracts and tenders.

Enabling executives and leaders to plan project work aligned to strategic priorities.

Simplify the way you manage and monitor employee working time and costs.

Enable leaders and teams to manage change with agility and precision.

Empower your entire organisations to effectively manage and mitigate risks. 

Revolutionise the way you manage and conduct inspections of valuable assets.

Powerful, collaborative, scalable, and assisted by Copilot AI, the new Microsoft Planner is coming.

Our Experienced Team of Software Developers Can Always Craft the Ultimate Solution For You.
Keep up with the rapid pace of technological change and meet evolving customer expectations.
Increase productivity and improve the time to market with software applications ready to scale.
Applying a fast iterative approach to implement software based on adopting and integrating practices.
Increase productivity and drive more value with an outsourced IT support model.
Our Experienced Team of Software Developers Can Always Craft the Ultimate Solution For You.
Explore deep analyses and expert perspectives on industry trends and innovations.

Get the latest updates from Microsoft that shape the future of technology and business.

Dive into a rich resource of insights and expert advice from Microsoft and industry leaders.

Discover and register for our forthcoming webinars, workshops, and conferences.






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Our Experienced Team of Software Developers Can Always Craft the Ultimate Solution For You.
Leverage ready made data-models and insights empowering your business to scale.

Our Dynamics 365 expert team collaborates to design and implement scalable solutions.

Powerful, collaborative, scalable, and assisted by next generation AI, the new Microsoft Planner is coming.

Certified and experienced developers help you craft the ultimate Power Platform solution.

Register for upcoming events to explore innovative solutions with industry experts.








Our Experienced Team of Software Developers Can Always Craft the Ultimate Solution For You.
We build long lasting trusted relationships and help digital transformation success.
We work across all industries with a strong focus on rapid digital transformation
Find answers to common questions about our services, processes, and best practices.

Our policies provide a reference point for our people and stakeholders on the standards.





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Our Experienced Team of Software Developers Can Always Craft the Ultimate Solution For You.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

Are you a Microsoft Certified Partner? Yes we are a Microsoft Gold Partner, and certified ISV partner for business application development. We build apps ready to deploy on the Power Platform of Dynamics 365.
What licenses are required?

There are 2 options for licensing:

Option 1: Power Apps Premium + P1 + Power BI

Option 2: D365 Project Operations + Power Bi

How are the solutions deployed?

All applications are deployed as managed solution files into your Microsoft cloud in a dedicated dataverse environment. You can request our deployment guide to get started.

How long does it take to deploy? Deployment can all happen within 1 working day (assuming the environments, user accounts are provisioned)

Architecture & Design

Can you integrate with our finance platform?

Yes - we have built in from day 1 csv import, and connectors that we can run to import from your finance platform

Where is the data stored? In your Microsoft cloud in dataverse (in power platform or Dynamics 365)
Do you host any third party content?

No. The solutions are deployed into your Microsoft cloud with no connection outside your tenant.

Can we integrate our scheduling tools? Yes - we can run a connector to synchronise data from your preferred scheduling tools.

Implementation Services

Whats involved an implementation? Our skilled team of specialists will help you plan the discovery, development and launch of your solution.
Can you assist us with migrations? Yes - we offer free migrations for Project Online customers, and if we can get data into csv format we can run migration for free.
Can you offer and fascilitate training?

Yes - we have pre-created video's and guides for all applications. We can also offer tailored training.

How long does an implementation take? We can have your solution up and running within weeks to months - depending on the volume of end users and requirements.

Support & Hypercare Services

Can you offer a full managed solution on an SLA agreement? Yes - there are options to include a complete outsourced managed services of all our applications, leveraging our 24/7 help desk.
Do you offer hypercare? Yes - we offer a variety of support and hypercare tailored to meet your needs.
Can you support other solutions? Yes - our team support the suite of D365 and the Power Platform.
How are future releases managed? Our customer success team will reach out to you throughout your subscription for upgrades to your existing solution.